About the Founder

Lois C. Gray, Ph.D.

Lois C. Gray

Founder and President, Sociometrics, Inc.

Dr. Gray developed and administered a business with employees and consultants in twenty-five states and several countries.  She has contract experience with more than twenty agencies and multiple for-profit and non-profit organizations.  Her specific experience and capabilities include:

  • Corporate Planning and Administration
  • Project Planning and Management
  • Marketing and Business Development
  • Contract Negotiation and Administration
  • Technical Review, Technical Assistance, and Teaching
  • Human Resources
  • Program Evaluation and Research
  • Coaching: Executive, Small Business, and Non-Profit

In addition, Dr. Gray has served on numerous community, professional, and government boards and committees, worked as a professor at the graduate level, and published in refereed journals. Her education and training encompass:

  • iPEC, Coaching Training and Certification
  • Wesley Theological Seminary, M.T.S.
  • Certificates: ISO Lead Auditor Training (Quality Assurance), Performance Monitoring and Qualitative Evaluation
  • Catholic University, Ph.D.,Sociology
  • Catholic University,M.A., Counseling
  • Xavier University, B.A. in English Literature

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