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Program Evaluation and Performance Monitoring

We perform evaluations focused on specific programs and objectives: outcome assessment, impact, effectiveness, and quality. During an evaluation we identify and implement appropriate designs given such considerations as evaluability, proposed uses of results, stakeholders, accessibility and type of information, privacy and confidentiality, budget and cooperation from agency personnel.

Organization and Business Support

Sociometrics assists small to medium-sized organizations and businesses with strategic planning, infrastructure development, marketing, sustainability, performance assurance, corrective action, and project management from startup to closeout.

Leadership Development and Training

Sociometrics offers an impressive team of professionals with extensive credentials in organization development and leadership. Areas of expertise include organizational assessment, multiple levels of leadership training, curriculum development, team building, succession planning, conflict resolution, executive coaching, and project management.

Personnel and Facility Management

Services include recruiting, screening, selection, orientation, and placement. Sociometrics will provide direct supervision and management or share supervisory responsibilities with designated representatives of the contracting agency. Sociometrics has had numerous personnel services: local projects, and national and international provisionments with personnel in multiple states and countries.

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Administrative and Technical Assistance

We offer technical and scientific writing, preparation of protocols and guides, records review, training, planning and coordination, public information distribution and conference support.

Database Design and Testing

Sociometrics designs customized database schema with testing and documentation to maintain database performance.


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